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Aerosit – High Back – Mid Back

Aerosit?is a family of chairs that brings a complete new dynamics to contemporary office seating. The patented AerofloTM dual-layer seat distributes weight evenly and reduces heat build-up in the body.

Alivio – High Back – Mid Back

Alivio is a chair that radiates comfort combined with flamboyant looks. The S-contoured chair back & cushioned lumbar support are carefully profiled to fit snugly to the shape of the spine, keeping the back well always supported.


The Beetle chair perfectly complements modern offices which reflects a high-performance workspace. At your home, Beetle not only gives you an ergonomic comfort, but it also gives you a never-seen-before look.


Candid is a versatile seating solution that gives you more than you expect. It is a value-for-money chair that will give you high-end features at an affordable price.

Define – Medium Back

Define is made from selected leather and fabric that perfectly suits body temperature. Made with a premium finish, Define is a perfect chair to be used by the top management and in the boardrooms.


Munch carries a cool, designer look which is highlighted by it's ?munched? back that is a well thought of convenience to hang your bag.


Pep is a general purpose chair that fits perfectly in trendy office environments. This compact and light chair is designed to be quickly moved around in the office, making it truly useful everywhere in the office.


Pepper can liven up any space with its vibrant colours. It is ideal for restaurants, office cafeterias, homes and other informal seating spaces.


Salsa is a true multi-purpose chair built with a simple form and contemporary design. It?s a perfect combination of durability and personal comfort.

Smart – High Back

Smart is ergonomically designed with Indian Anthropometric dimensions in mind. Its lightweight frame gives it a unique multi-functionality in offices, cabins and meeting rooms.

Smart – Medium Back

Smart is ergonomically designed with Indian Anthropometric dimensions in mind. It?s High resilience seat & back foam provides maximum support & comfortable seating experience even during long working hours


Tango, brought to you by Wipro Furniture represents a refreshing concept in multifunctional seating. Simple yet powerful, designed with modern and distinctive features.